About the Photographer

About the Photographer: David Wood

Formally educated as an Engineer, David is a part-time photographer based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

David specializes in Landscape, Horticultural, Architectural, and Abstract photography and has received awards for many of his photos. He strives to capture natural and familiar feeling visual perspectives often overlooked in day-to-day life.

While many of Davidís photos capture scenes from around the world, many of his best works capture familiar subjects close to home.

David employs a wide variety of photographic and digital equipment in capturing and processing his images. His ever-growing collection of equipment includes medium-format film, digital, and a variety of 35mm cameras, complimented by an assortment of lenses, flashes, filters, and other accessories. He also utilizes dedicated digital film scanners to provide high quality digital compilation, archiving, and manipulation of film-based images.

Davidís catalog of images has grown well into the thousands, and he is proud to offer some of his favourite images through Photo Intrigue in  Limited Edition print format.

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